XL 220 Glass Cleaner: Spray on wipe off. A quick and easy to use cleaner. Great surface cleaner and spot remover for clothes and carpets. Cuts grease and film without streaking.
TARGET AREAS: Automotive, trucks, clothes, carpets, counter tops, glass, mirrors,
and any hard surfaces.
1 Gal. $8.75
4Gal. Case $28.75
5 Gal. Pail $39
DEICER: A non-freeze and de-icing window washer concentrate that cleans windshields good for weather -20’F.
TARGET AREAS: Windshields
55 Gal. Drum:  Call (864) 244-5068
NO FOAM: A complex professional carpet cleaner especially developed for STEAM N VAC and extraction equipment. This product dries clean with no residue. Carpetis made healthier and cleaner.
TARGET AREAS: For cleaning all types of carpet with a machine.
1 Gal. $8.75
4Gal. Case $28.75
5 Gal. Pail $39
EMERALD PURGE: This product is used for holding tanks in RV’s.
TARGET AREAS: RV holding tanks and portable toilet tanks.
1 Gal.  $9
4Gal. Case $32
We also offer brushes, wax pads, bug sponges, buffing pads, spray bottles, razor blades, mop heads, terry cloth towels, lint free towels, bonnets, wash mitts, hose nozzles, steel wool and gloves to complement our product line. Please call if you have any questions, and thank you for using SOCAR Chemicals products.