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WHITE LIGHTNING: The most powerful of the SOCAR alkali degreaser formulas. This product blasts its way through heavy grease, dirt, compacted oil, and the toughest floor wax.
TARGET AREAS: Concrete floors, driveways, asphalt, porcelain, ceramic tile, dirt surface stains, stoves, hoods, ovens, boilers, combustion residue and stainless steel.
1 Gal. $7.00
4Gal. Case $26.25
5 Gal. Pail $31.25
HOT SOAP: For degreasing and cleaning heavy transport and material handling equipment. Cleans and removes oxidation, and carbon build up all in 1 step great for fire damage to remove the black soot.
TARGET AREAS: Heavy transport and materials handling equipment and printing inks, removes black soot and carbon.
1 Gal. $7.00
4Gal. Case $26.25
5 Gal. Pail $31.25
8201 VINYL SIDING CLEANER WITH WAX: Specially made to use in pressure cleaning equipment to clean buildings, houses, and transport equipment. A degreaser boosted detergent with special surface active agents to provide powerful and safe soil removal and clean rinsing.
TARGET AREAS: Heavy transport, buildings, houses vinyl and aluminum siding.
1 Gal. $7.00
4Gal. Case $26.25
5 Gal. Pail $31.25
PREMIUM PURPLE: A powerful degreaser, the true purple cleaner. Excellent for removing oil from concrete and other hard surfaces. This product is fast, powerful, and effective. Do not use this product on aluminum.
TARGET AREAS: Concrete floors and driveways, asphalt motors, ceramic tile, dirt surface stains, stoves, hoods, ovens, combustion residue, and most stains in cloth.
1 Gal. $5.50
4Gal. Case $16.00
5 Gal. Pail $19.07
BURST: A special blended non caustic, degreaser. This product will not harm aluminum or other alloy surfaces. This product is especially good for gutters cleaning, auto engines, tires, vinyl, upholstery, in the kitchen and bathrooms great cleaner to have around the house do not allow to dry on glass or mirrors.
TARGET AREAS: All-purpose, fiberglass, vinyl, gutters, stainless steel, porcelain, chrome, tile, washable woodwork, tires, dirt surface stains, stoves, counter tops, blinds.
1 Gal. $7.00
4Gal. Case $26.25
5 Gal. Pail $31.25
JELLY WHITE WALL: A powerful caustic degreaser with high viscosity to allow brush application and scrubbing. This product provides for extended contact time and hands on application.
TARGET AREAS: Tire cleaner.
1 Gal. $6.00
4Gal. Case $21.75
5 Gal. Pail $26.25
ALL SOLVE: All-purpose solvent that effectively removes tar, wax, grease, silicones, adhesives, and sealer. Also a spot remover and will not damage paint.
TARGET AREAS: Removes tar, wax, grease, adhesives, silicone, and excellent spot
1 Qt $8.75
1 Gal. Call!
5 Gal. Pail $106.25
We also offer brushes, wax pads, bug sponges, buffing pads, spray bottles, razor blades, mop heads, terry cloth towels, lint free towels, bonnets, wash mitts, hose nozzles, steel wool and gloves to complement our product line. Please call if you have any questions, and thank you for using SOCAR Chemicals products.